Thailand: In 50 Pictures

  To help promote my app I decided to try a new idea. I’ve been creating free photo galleries using photos from our global travels. Stock photography adds up quick, usually costing $5-20. So I offer cash-strapped artists and startups a trade: You can use my photos if you promote my app on your website. … Continue reading Thailand: In 50 Pictures

An Ancient Place

Naples is gritty in character, old in every way, and dirty. Its streets weave without a linear grid and maps fail to explain its overlapping vertical levels. Around every corner is either a piazza (square), church, or pizza place. Everything looks really old. The streets even weave vertically. That’s hard to explain, but it’s a … Continue reading An Ancient Place

Here Comes the Pasta Pt. 2

For any foodies out there, this post is for you. Italy has lived up to Brianna’s wildest food dreams. Pastas, wines, lasagnes, cannolis… it’s a wonderful place. Here’s a few highlights:                    The best part of the food is that it’s cheap enough to enjoy it. It’s actually cheaper to get a … Continue reading Here Comes the Pasta Pt. 2

Building Towards Focus: Do.List

These three characteristics have caused me to spend years downloading task list apps… and later deleting them: Tools should do at least one thing exceptionally well. Good design looks as though it was designed to be pretty when the design actually revolves around functionality. I have a bad short term memory. A big part of quitting our jobs to live abroad a year ago … Continue reading Building Towards Focus: Do.List