Thailand’s Tourist Town

5 thoughts on “Thailand’s Tourist Town”

  1. Screw all of you and your biased opinion. I love patong. Gimme the clubs, bring me the message parlors. Yes, i’ll have my happy ending, and you can read the bible with your boring spouses and have boring sex. every night henceforth.


    1. lol, thanks for the honest opinion. I’ll have to re-read my post. I think of myself as neutral on the matter. I’m actually pro-legalization of prostitution in the United States so I hardly care about your happy ending.


  2. We stayed 2 nights in Patong on a friends’ recommendation. We really should have considered his type of vacation vs what we were looking for on our honeymoon. We had planned 5 days on Koh Lanta then 3 more days in Phuket, but Patong left us so annoyed we extended our stay on Koh Lanta twice to avoid going back to Phuket.


    1. Exactly. Some people love Patong but for some reason, when telling others about it, they don’t describe it as a dirty party town. It’s odd that they omit that detail.

      Hopefully you had a good honeymoon on Koh Lanta?


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