Scooter or not to scooter?

3 thoughts on “Scooter or not to scooter?”

  1. Love the family on scooter pic but not sure I love the thought of u and bri on one. I vote for the car, the pros are stay dri in the rain, easier to carry groceries and stuff, u guys didn’t grow up riding scooters so will have a big learning curve
    And wiping out on one will not be a pleasant experience. And ur mom will worry about U both on a scooter especially u bri!! Sorry but I vote for the car. Xoxo loving mom


  2. Ah the joy of public songtaews. We bought a car a few months ago and it has made our life so much easier – even with the crazy Bangkok traffic. It feels like we can do normal stuff like going to the supermarket without relying on a crazy taxi driver.


    1. Ah yes. Those crazy taxi drivers are one of a kind. If we go the scooter route were thinking about getting one of those carts that attach on the side 🙂 haven’t seen a western with one of those yet.


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