It’s Asia, Not Mars

4 thoughts on “It’s Asia, Not Mars”

  1. I taught English in Korea and found that the Western influence was surprisingly huge there too. 7-Elevens everywhere. Although they put their own spin on things, like Blueberry and Green Tea Oreos! It is fun living in such a foreign but familiar land.


    1. I really want to visit South Korea before we go home. I know it’s very developed but their culture sounds so different. I find that working in a school is a great place to still see the culture at work. At my school in the morning they line up in the yard, sing the Thai anthem, chant two prayers, and then school starts. The kids Wai the teachers (hands togrther, slight bow), they greet you and see you off as a class (Good morning Teacher Dave/Thank you Teacher Dave). They brush their teeth during lunch because sugar is out of control here. Anyhow, theres plenty of Thai culture to be seen if in the right places. I’d be really curious to head what Korean culture was like at school and on the day to day basis.


      1. Yeah I think you would like it. I taught adults, so that in itself was different, but I got to learn about the culture and lifestyle every day by having conversations with the students. I only spent a week in Thailand so I can’t really compare. But in Korea, everything is very fast pace, very success driven, and very hierarchical. And everyone is very respectful. But at the same time, they are all stressed out and S.K. has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world.

        But great country and people. Seoul and Busan are must-see cities if you visit.

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  2. I’m old enough to remember Mr Donut! I never knew they went over seas. Thank you for sharing some interesting cultural similarities. I’m sure it may be comforting to see familiar sites. Look forward to the next blog.


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