Our One Month.

5 thoughts on “Our One Month.”

  1. It’s weird to find the place that you feel like belonging there at the end of the world, isn’t it? For me, it’s a bittersweet feeling, as I still feel torn between two worlds, the one here and the one where I left my family and friends.

    What are your plans, do you want to stay “forever”?


    1. Hi Lisa!

      We feel the same way you do. It’s very hard being here without our family and friends but we are slowly building new friendships and FaceTime has helped a lot! Of course, it isn’t quite the same is it?

      As of right now we have signed a year contract on our apartment and our jobs so we are here for at least a year. We are toying with moving to Europe after Thailand but won’t decide for a while what are plans will be. Going home isn’t on the books yet, but of course it could change.

      How about yourself?


  2. As much as I miss the both of you, I’m glad you two are happy and are doing well out there .
    Thank you for writing and posting pictures of all your ventures and of yourselves so we can all keep in touch with one another….thank goodness for technology 🙂


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