12 thoughts on “Guides”

  1. I love your blog…I just got back a few weeks ago from SE Asia and I am so envious of you two! I am thinking I am going to go to the same TEFL school you wen to when I get ready to make my move. I am about a year or so away. I hope I might be able to contact either of you in the near future to get more of your insight on the school. I hope you guys keep posting on your blog. It is great to see posts more often than most bloggers. Thanks for all of your insight to Thailand…and enjoy the life, I know how you two are feeling, I have made four trips to SE Asia, and every time I leave it gets harder.


    1. Jay,
      Thank you very much for the supportive comments. It means a ton to us to know that what we’re doing is helping others. We were in your shoes not that long ago and are just to provide all the guidance we didn’t have. There are some great Thailand blogs but they lacked a few things, plus there were no great Phuket blogs that we really loved. Sorry for the slow response, I just replied to your earlier comment. It was in the spam folder. WordPress filters are crappy, apparently. Anyhow, please send any and all questions and we will do our best to be helpful!


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