Good Things

Why are ice cream trucks in America so big? Is it that we demand a hundred options and demand everything be in stock? A marketing technique? Maybe it’s a health and safety compliance thing. Regardless, after living in Thailand I am pretty sure a $80,000 truck is overkill: The ice cream carts here are the … Continue reading Good Things

Create or Bust

I went to college for entrepreneurship. In retrospect, that was a misunderstanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t need classes to tell me what characteristics most entrepreneurs have. I needed a skill set that would help me build an idea into a product. I should have gone to school for engineering, so … Continue reading Create or Bust

Visa Runnin’ Done Right

The last time we did a visa run, Bri was sick and couldn’t sleep on the 9 hour overnight drive to Penang, Malaysia. The next morning our drivers were arrested for their vans being unregistered in Malayasia. The ‘Visa Run Nightmare’ post I wrote on that experience probably seemed made up, but it wasn’t. Thankfully, … Continue reading Visa Runnin’ Done Right

4 Months Left

With the days ticking down to a flight home, we’re not ready to leave. Am I looking forward to a latte from my favorite coffee place in Portsmouth? Hell yeah. Is Bri looking forward to good Mexican food? Big time. But this lifestyle has become life, not a strange or foreign life, just our life. … Continue reading 4 Months Left